Civilian Solutions

On-site advantages - Lower costs and independence from third party gas suppliers

For any industry that needs a constant flow of nitrogen or oxygen to keep its processes going, reliance on a third party gas provider is a risk. The Lasergas full solution onsite gas generation systems enable industries to generate their nitrogen and oxygen on-demand wherever and whenever needed. Logistical problems, delivery uncertainties and the risks associated with high pressure tanks are eliminated.

The operation costs of our generation systems include only electricity and maintenance. The gas-related costs can be reduced by over 90% when compared to commercial gases. Less than one kilowatt of electricity is sufficient to generate a kilo of oxygen or nitrogen. The exact cost savings depend on the application in question, but normally our customer can expect a payback period of between a few months and one year. The process parameters can be optimized to meet specific purity, pressure and productivity requirements.

Lasergas gas systems are designed and built according to our customer’s exact needs. The structure of our generator systems is modular, so more gas production capacity can easily be added later if needed.


On-site advantages

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