Lasergas Solutions - Ozone

Oxygen produced with PSA oxygen generators can be used as a feed gas for ozone generators. Laser Gas designs, manufactures and installs ozonization systems of any scale for various purposes. 

Drinking water disinfection

Ozonization is a highly effective, non-chemical method for municipal water disinfection. Water ozonization is gaining popularity as the knowledge of the adverse health effects of water chlorination accumulate. The world’s largest municipal water treatment facilities already use ozone as a primary disinfection agent. Ozone leaves nothing behind in its oxidation process because as a molecule it is unstable and converts back to oxygen.  

Vegetable Disinfection

Ozone is a very strong antimicrobial agent, and thus ideal to be used as a disinfection agent for vegetables. Ozone has a very short half-life and has no environmental consequences. It leaves no traces on the food for the consumer, since the only waste product from ozone treatment is oxygen.
Vegetable disinfection references: Lapväärtin peruna, Uusi-Nikkaantila ja Veljekset Kitola

Wastewater treatment

Ozone treatment is a convenient way of removing organic solutes from different industrial wastewater by degrading them to hydrogen and carbon dioxide.
Wastewater treatment references: Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute, Kuopio


Ozone is suitable for deodorization. The deodorization system can be scaled up to large piggeries.

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