Lasergas Solutions - Oxygen

The maximum oxygen purities reached with our systems are 93 ± 2%. The oxygen produced is of medical grade, conforming to the United States Pharmacopoeia Standard for "Oxygen 93 Percent". The standard Lasergas oxygen generation systems cover flow rates from 10 l/min to 1000 l/min. Even higher flow rates can be customized according to our customer’s needs. Since the structure of our generator system is modular, more gas production capacity can be added later if the demand increases. The outlet oxygen pressures can be tailored up to 300 bar.

Laser cutting

Using pressurized oxygen as a cutting gas instead of pressurized air in steel cutting allows faster cutting speeds. With our on-site generation systems, the purity and gas flow requirements of laser cutting applications can be met.

Fish farming

In aquaculture systems, an increase in the water oxygen concentration results in higher stocking densities, faster growth and better overall fish welfare. In addition, correct oxygen levels are needed for decomposition of organic waste products. Our fish farming solutions include an oxygen generator, piping, oxygen diffusers and alarm and backup systems. Over 50 fish farms in Scandinavia use our systems, including Skärgårdshavets Fisk, Kuhmon Eko-Kala and the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute.

Medical uses

The oxygen produced by our system is of medical grade, conforming to the United States Pharmacopoeia Standard for "Oxygen 93 Percent" and is suitable for hospital and emergency care centre use. With the oxygen produced by our system, anesthesia equipment and ventilators can be operated. Our gas systems can feed the applications directly or be used to fill oxygen cylinders. We have supplied oxygen generators to Finnish peacekeeping forces to guarantee operations in local hospitals during crisis situations.

Waste water treatment

By increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in wastewater, the efficiency of aerobic biological processes is improved. This results in an increased capacity of the wastewater management system. The Lasergas oxygen generation system can be tailored to match even paper mill scale requirements. Our references include M-Real Oyj Kyro.

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