Lasergas Solutions - Nitrogen

The maximum nitrogen purities reached with our systems are 99.9999%. The standard systems cover flow rates from 4 l/min to 1000 l/min. Even higher flow rates can be customized according to our customer’s needs. Since the structure of our generator system is modular, more gas production capacity can be added later if the demand increases. The outlet nitrogen pressures can be tailored up to 900 bar.

Laser Cutting

In laser cutting, nitrogen is widely used as a cutting assist gas. It performs the function of removing molten steel from the cut area and thus ensures a clean cut. For optimal results high nitrogen pressures are needed. This also means high gas consumption, making on-site generation systems a cost-efficient solution for a laser cutting nitrogen source. Nitrogen is suitable for use with various types of steel.


Nitrogen is widely used in the electronics industry as a blanketing medium in the soldering process of electronic components. Traditional tin-lead soldering materials have been replaced with new, alternative soldering materials which have higher melting points. Since nitrogen has a better heat transfer capability than air, it is more than suitable for this purpose. It improves the outcomes with all soldering methods, including wave, reflow and selective soldering processes. Our references include among others, Kyrel, Kemppi, Powerfinn, Teleste and Enerpoint.

Steel hardening

By using a nitrogen atmosphere in steel hardening the metal is protected from oxidation reactions.
Our references include Ata gears Oy.

Brazing and Soldering

Nitrogen can be used as an assist gas in the brazing and soldering of various types of metals.

Fire prevention and suppression

A nitrogen atmosphere prevents fires. It can also be used for putting out fires in coal mine fires or inerting the storage or transportation space of explosive or flammable material.

Food & Beverage

Nitrogen has various uses in food and drink manufacturing, processing and packaging. It prevents bacterial growth and oxidation and suppresses odor formation. Thus its applications include modified atmosphere packaging for perishable food products and drink blanketing to prevent oxidation.

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