Lasergas Gas Purity Analyzer

The Lasergas analyser is based on a Joule-Thompson cooler (JT cooler). Inside the glass dewar the analyte gas (nitrogen, oxygen, argon or air) flows trough a spiral tube under high pressure. As it comes out of the tube to normal pressure, it cools down and liquefies. If the gas contains impurities, the temperature of the JT cooler starts to elevate from the liquefaction point of the used gas. The liquefaction points for different gases are as follows
Nitrogen -196 °C
Oxygen -183
Argon -186 °C
Air -195 °C

With our gas analyzer, contaminants like hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and water vapor can be reliably detected in compressed gas systems. In addition to the gas quality being monitored electronically, the technical design also allows quality monitoring with the naked eye. Our purity monitoring solution is patented and has been awarded with the Innovation Finland award. It has a patent pending.

The analyzer is built in a suitcase, weighting only 5 kilos. It is the only fast and reliable purity analysis solution currently on the market that is also portable. Purity, pressure and gas flow data can be exported to a computer through a USB devise.

Pat. pending.

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