Nitrogen generators for aircraft ground support and missile maintenance

Lasergas - Nitrogen generators for aircraft ground support and missile maintenance

Nitrogen is used in various applications in the ground support of military aircraft and airport operations. Our generator units produce gaseous nitrogen autonomously by separating it from ambient air based on membrane technology. The nitrogen is then compressed to a high pressure and either transported to the point of use in cylinders or fed into the facility’s gas network. Electrically driven, the units can be operated both indoors (e.g. airplane hangers, bunkers or other confined areas) or outdoors.

The purity of nitrogen produced with the Lasergas equipment is 99.9999%. The Lasergas nitrogen generator systems are highly suitable for use in missile test centers where missiles are maintained and tested. The current gas production systems on the market have problems with contamination (hydrocarbons, water, carbon dioxide). The systems using oil-lubricated booster compressors are especially prone to contaminations. If the missiles are run with contaminated gas on a regular basis, the Joule-Thompson cooler in the infrared sensor is disabled. Thus the missile becomes unusable or, in extreme cases, is damaged permanently.

The Lasergas nitrogen generation systems are tailored according to the customer’s needs. With our generation systems, a maximum nitrogen gas purity of 99.9999% can be achieved. Our gas complies with the NATO STANAG 3624 requirements and even exceeds them. Pressurization is always tailored according to customer requirements, up to 900 bar.

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