Cooling Gas for Any Missile System

Lasergas - Cooling Gas for Any Missile System

The extremely pure nitrogen or dry air gas produced with the Lasergas equipment is ideal for use as a cooling gas for the infrared detectors of heat-seeking missiles. The lower the temperature of the detector, the better the accuracy. Cooling is achieved by a constant flow of cooling gas to the detector. If contaminants like hydrocarbons (oil, methane), water vapor or carbon dioxide are present in the gas, the flow is prevented and the detector becomes disabled. Therefore the gas purity is paramount.

By using our technical innovations (patents pending), the contamination problems associated with the current systems on the market are eliminated. By using oil-free diaphragm compressors together with highly efficient filtration methods, the maximal amount of contaminants are kept at a parts-per-million level.

Lasergas equipment can be tailored to support any missile system. Our product line has already established an outstanding reputation among the users of various missile types. Our gas equipment has replaced other systems in the armed forces of many countries, the key reason being the gas purity. The Finnish Air Force, Navy and Army have been using our equipment since 1998 and up to now not a single nitrogen sample has had any contamination.

To assure the constant flow of 99.9999% pure cooling gas, our systems are equipped with automated gas purity controlling technology that allows the monitoring of gas purity online. The monitoring unit is based on a Joule-Thompson cooler. When pure cooling gas flows through the Joule-Thompson cooler, its temperature stays at -196 °C (the liquefying point of pure nitrogen). If contaminants exist in the gas, the temperature starts to rise and the cooling gas production is stopped automatically. The technical design of the Lasergas cooling gas equipment makes the production of contaminated gas virtually impossible. Our purity monitoring solution has been awarded with the Innovation Finland award. It has a patent pending.

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